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Architecture is a branch of industry, which is afforded the opportunity to create something enduring. It makes me proud and happy to be living and working in architecture, day in and day out. Such a marvellous experience, yet a serious responsibility at the same time.
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Archives This year, György Ottlik is the Interior Designer of the Year The "Interior Designer of the Year" award, founded by Péter Laki in 1998, was presented for the twenty-first time on Tuesday 30 May, on the 25th anniversary of its foundation, in a ceremony hosted by the House of Architects. 2023.06.12. The renovated building of the Opera House opened under the name Simándy Building The building is named after one of the country's most important opera singers, József Simándy. The interior of the 13-storey building was rebuilt as part of the Opera House's 2017-2022 reconstruction. General Director Szilveszter Ókovács said at the event that the opening ceremony of the 13-storey Opera House will be held in conjunction with the first performance of József Simándy. 2023.05.25. We had a great sports day at the fitness park in Nagyrét The LAKI sports day on Friday was a great day for hiking and football fans, but our colleagues also had the opportunity to use the fitness room and try out the padel accompanied by a delicious Italian lunch at Trattoria Prato. 2023.05.23.


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